​​Speaking with young people about the consequences of self-destructive behaviors without giving and showing other options and opportunities can be counterproductive. We at D' Orb, Inc., care deeply about what we do and the young people and the families we assist. We're, however, limited in being able to show our participants what is available to them outside their immediate environment.

This is due to our lack of transportation - we have no vehicles in which to transport our participants and their families.

This is where your assistance and support is needed. With schools being let out for the summer, our goal is to engage our young people and expose them to the beauty of nature, the wonder of museums, beaches and state parks. We want to take them fishing and camping and, in doing so, reward them for their positive progress and keep them involved in educational endeavors to aid in academic retention during their summer break.

With your financial support we will be able to purchase a large vehicle, such as a passenger van, in which to transport our participants to recreational and educational events throughout the State of New Jersey.

All donations are tax deductible. Each donor shall receive a letter of acknowledgement and donors who donate $500.00 or more shall be listed on our organization decals posted/displayed on the sides and back panel of the vehicle(s) for all to see.

PLEASE join us in this CALL TO ACTION.....




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This is the future site of the R.I.S.E. Program.  In the time being we are in restoration mode.  Volunteers are traveling to LussCroft Farm to paint and clean the Turner Mansion, the storage garage which shall be converted to a Parent/Child activity center, the horse rings, etc.  We can most certainly use your assistance in this large and ambitious initiative.  Anyone willing to donate and volunteer their time, please contact us, or you can call the Director, Luis Del Orbe, at 973-336-7075 for further details.